Neighborhood Profile: Chinatown

Is the idea of an "authentic neighborhood" in Manhattan outdated? Chinatown is one of the few places in Manhattan that actually feels like one to me. Although Canal Street is always packed with tourists, its bustling parks, winding blocks, and sidewalk shops and restaurants are all full of locals living and working. Its historic walkups are still intact (for better or worse) and rent-controlled, resisting displacement by the dull luxury condos and affected boutiques that have transformed so many other once-"authentic" neighborhoods. Sure, it's changing and evolving, but unlike schlocky Little Italy, with a demographic of zero Italians and theme park vibe, Chinatown appears to have retained at least some of the original identity that earned it charm in the first place, at least for the time being.

I never tire of shooting here. Here are some stills across the seasons.

Chinatown neighborhood

Canal Street in Chinatown



Fish market

Fish market

Chinatown, New York

Basketball in Chinatown

Park in Chinatown

Under the Manhattan Bridge

Walkup apartments

Crowded street


Restaurants in Chinatown

Little girl

Chinatown, New York

Street vendor

Street vendor

Winding street


Model on Canal

Bubble tea


Old building

Chinatown restaurant


Eating in Chinatown

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